ROE #9 HR Solutions

I.  HR Information, Documents

a. How Well Do You Listen (Information)

b. How Much Is A Leader’s Integrity?

c. Sexual Harassment Information

d. Sexual Harassment Checklist

e. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees

II.  HR Policies, Handbooks, Legal Information

a. Mandated Trainings

b. Vaping and Athletic Handbooks

III.  HR Practices Processes, Procedures, Forms, Tables

a. Complaint Form

b. Complaint Procedure

c. Complaint Process Explanation

d. Investigation Information Form

e. Retirement / Resignation Form

f. School District Administrative and Leadership Management Tool

g. Fitness for Work Statement (Form)

h. ROE9 Employment Process (Posting, Screening, Interviewing, Rating, Selection Guide)

i. School District Major Incident Template (Checklist and Action Plan for Follow-up

IV.  HR Professional Development

a. Law Alerts (Links and Information from Legal Sources)

b. Difference Between: Reasonable Suspicion vs. Probable Cause

c. Expulsion and Its Legal Requirements (Expulsion Information PDF)

d. Monthly Principals Networking (See ROE9 Website for Schedule)

V.  HR Assistance to Schools (Provided by ROE #9 HR Solutions Personnel)

a. HR Topics for Discussion / Review (HR Solutions Visit)

b. Seminars, Workshops, Discussions (Available Upon Demand)

c. Hearings, Investigations, Partnerships (Based on Availability of Personnel)